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Banchan/Side Dish (doc)


Catering Menu for Over 100 Guests (docx)



Hot Food Table

We have hot food table you can select to make your own plate. 

2 Item Combination 

3 items Combination 

Served with Rice/Fried Rice/Fried Noodle 


Are you looking for someone to provide the food at your next event? Large or small, we do it all! Get in touch to start planning the perfect meal for a business lunch, birthday party, wedding, church, family reunion and more! 

Dosirak / Lunch Box

Dosirak means lunch box in Korean. Select side dishes with rice/fried rice/fried noodle. Choose your favorite meat and vegetables and make a combo. Delivery available. Contact us for details. 

Lunch Box / Dosirak Menu

Veggie Combo

Fried Rice, Japchae, Sauteed Vegetables

Spicy Pork Combo

Fried Rice, Japchae, Spicy Pork, Vegetables

Spicy Chicken Combo

Fried Rice, Japchae, Spicy Chicken, Vegetables

Teriyaki Chicken Combo

Fried Rice, Japchae, Chicken Teriyaki, Vegetables

Fish Combo

Fried Rice, Japchae, Fried Fish, Vegetables, Jeon

Vegetable Combo

Mixed grain rice, Vegetables, Jeon

Korean Food


We make our own kimchi. 

썬 김치 sliced kimchi

통김치whole kimchi

부추 김치 chive kimchi

총각 김치 chonggak kimchi

열무김치 yulmoo kimchi

풋배추 김치 babynapa kimchi

겉절이 김치 fresh kimchi

깍두기 radish kimchi

물 김치 mul kimchi

오이소배기 cucumber kimchi

파 김치 green onion kimchi

백김치 white kimchi


Try a variety of Korean side dishes, Banchan!  See our side dish menu for full list.


 Guk (국), also sometimes known as tang (탕), is a class of soup-like dishes in Korean cuisine. 

Soybean soup w/vegetable

Seaweed soup

Beef bone soup

And more. See our catering menu for full list.


 Bibimbap is a mixed rice with different ingredients. 






We carry fresh, quality meats. (Beef, Pork Belly, Chicken). We can also marinate for you. 

Catering Menu


하얀밥 steamed white rice

잡곡밥 steamed multi-grains

김치 볶음밥 fried rice w/kimchi 

쏘세지 볶음밥 fried rice w/sausage

새우 볶음밥 fried rice w/shrimp

오뎅 김밥 fish cake kimbap 

오이 김밥 cucumber kimbap

고기 김밥beef kimbap

게맛살 김밥 imitation crab meat kimbap

캘리포니아롤 California roll 

유부초밥 (inari sushi) fried bean curd steam rice 

모듬초밥 Sushi Combination


갈비찜 steamed beef short rib

썬갈비 B.B.Q beef short rib

불고기 Korean barbequed beef

브로커리 비프 broccoli beef  

쇠고기 버섯볶음 sautéed beef with   mushroom

돼지불고기 Korean barbequed pork 

닭불고기Korean barbequed  chicken
테리야키 치킨 teriyaki chicken

돈까스 deep fried pork cutlet

돼지갈비찜 fried pork rib

닭 불고기Chicken bulgogi 


우거지국 soybean w/vegetable

우거지 갈비탕 soybean w/vegetable & beef rib

미소국 Miso soup

육개장 spicy beef stew 

사골곰국 3 kinds of beef bone soup 

오뎅무국 radish soup with fish cake

무국 radish soup

북어무국radish soup w/pollack

북어국 pollack soup

미역국 seaweed soup

홍합 미역국 seaweed soup w/mussel 

소고기 미역국 seaweed soup w/beef

콩나물국 soybean sprout soup

김치콩나물국soybean sprout soup w/kimchi


호박전 squash pancake

생선전 fish fried pancake

게맛살전 crab meat pancake

녹두빈대떡 green bean pancake

해물파전 seafood pancake

야채파전 vegetable pancake

동그랑땡(beef or pork) meat pancake

두부 부침전 tofu fried pancake

야채꼬치 vegetable skewers

고기꼬치 meat skewers

모듬전 combination pancake (choose 3)


잡채 korean style potato starch noodle

청포묵 green bean gelatin cake

도토리묵 acorn flour cake

조선무찜 Korean radish stew

닭강정 fried chicken w/ special sauce

떡볶기 spicy Korean rice cake

오징어 무침 seasoned squid 

두부&가지볶음 sautéed tofu&eggplant 

새송이버섯볶음 sautéed mushroom

게장무침seasoned raw crab

오징어볶음stir-fried squid w/sauce

낙지볶음stir-fried small octopus

골뱅이무침 seasoned bay top shell

홍합 마요네즈baked green mussel w/ mayo

돼지편육sliced pork  

돼지족발 glazed pork hock

제육보쌈 boiled pork w/seasoned vegetables

순대 pork sausage 

갑오징어초장 steamed cuttlefish w/spicy sauce

북어양념찜 seasoned Pollack stew

닭도리탕 spicy chicken stew

고등어조림 mackerel stew



왕새우튀김 fried prawn shrimp (pcs)

에그롤 egg   roll w/vegetables

야채튀김 vegetable   tempura

오징어튀김 squid tempura

군만두 fried dumplings 

고구마튀김 sweet potato   tempura

꽁치구이 fried mackerel   pike

가재미구이 fried flat fish

조기구이 fried croaker


겉절이 김치kimchi with raw oyster

썬김치 sliced napa cabbage kimchi

통김치 whole napa cabbage kimchi

총각김치 big turnip kimchi

깍두기 radish kimchi

파김치 green onion kimchi

열무김치 turnip kimchi

부추김치 chives kimchi

오이소배기 cucumber kimchi

백김치 white kimchi


우거지국 soybean soup w/vegetable

우거지 갈비탕 soybean soup w/vegetable & beef rib

미소국 Miso soup

육개장 spicy beef stew 

사골곰국 3 kinds of beef bone soup 

오뎅무국 radish soup with fish cake

무국 radish soup

북어무국radish soup w/pollack

북어국 pollack soup

미역국 seaweed soup

홍합 미역국 seaweed soup w/mussel 

소고기 미역국 seaweed soup w/beef

콩나물국 soybean sprout soup

김치콩나물국soybean sprout soup w/kimchi


도라지 나물ballon flower root salad

도라지+오이 무침 ballon flower root salad with cucumber

시금치 나물spinach salad 

유채나물canola salad

취나물herb salad 

고비/고사리 seasoned bracken salad

콩나물cooked soybean sprout 

무생채shredded daikon salad

무나물 stir-fried shredded daikon salad

숙주 나물 cooked mung-bean sprouts

호박나물 seasoned Italian squash

미역줄기볶음 seasoned salted seaweed

미역&오이 무침seaweed w/cucumber

모듬 나물 combination of  salad

해파리냉채cold jelly fish salad

해초오이 무침 wakame salad

치킨샐러드chicken salad

과일샐러드fruit salad

각종야채볶음 stir-fried mixed vegetable

각종야채무침 mixed vegetable with hot sauce


무지개떡 rainbow rice cake

백설기 white rice cake. 

인절미 sweet rice cake

수수경단 sweet rice cake

약식sweek rice cake w/nuts and Korean dates

절편 pounded rice cake

꿀떡 rice cake with honey inside

계피떡 rice cake with cinnamon

앙꼬떡 rice cake with red bean paste


식 혜 Korean sweet rice drink

수정과 Korean cinnamon punch




Korean Soju  


Warmer Rental $15/each



Spoons, forks (plastic)


Dol-go-im & banner rental 

Banchan/Side Dish


북어채 dried pollack house mix

해초 무침 seaweed salad

양념게장  Seasoned raw cut crab

고비나물 climax herbs

깐마늘 장아찌 pickled garlic

단무지 무침 yellow radish mix

도라지 무침 balloon flower

오징어젓갈salted fermented squid 

낙지젓갈salted fermented octopus

멸치 복음 anchovy gospel (hot/mild)

무 생채 radish  mix (hot/mild)

무 장아찌 pickled radish

무말랭이 dried radish mix

미역 무침 seaweed mix

연근 조림 boiled rotus root

오뎅볶음 fish cake gospel

오이 무침 cucumber mix

오징어채 cuttle fish mix

우엉조림 boiled burdock

장조림 boiled beef stew

취나물 wild aster herbs

콩나물 무침soybean sprout mix (hot/mild)

숙주나물 bean sprout mix

콩자반 boiled black bean

통마늘장아찌 pickled whole garlic 

오징어 무침 spicy boiled squid/vegetable

두부가지볶음tofu & eggplant

감 자 조림 boiled  potato

계란 말이 folded egg

해파리 냉채  jelly fish salad

고추지 pepper with soy sauce

오이지 pickled cucumber

유채나물 rape herbs

가지 무침 eggplant mix

양념깻잎(간장) sesame leaf /soy sauce

맛탕 mattang (sweet potato)

더덕무침 codonopsis lanceolata 

북어양념찜 steaming dried Pollack

양념 쥐포 

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