EM Deli & Catering delivers Korean Food to San Francisco and the East Bay.

CAFETERIA – Select items and make your own plate

Grab food on the go or create your own plate from our hot food table. 2 items for $8.99. 3 items for $9.99. Delivery available with minimum order of 5 combos within 5 miles.

MEAT – Fresh-cut or Korean BBQ marinated

We offer fresh, quality meat at affordable price. Marinated meat $1 more per pound. Buy fresh cut meat or marinated meat and  you can eat famous Korean BBQ (samgyupsal, bulgogi, galbi) at your place.

CATERING – Customized service for any type of events

Wedding, anniversary, birthday party, church meeting, office luncheon, family reunion…we can customize our menu for your event. With over 10 years of experience in the catering business, we provide customized catering for your event at affordable price.  Chaffing dishes and dol party décor rental available.

MEAL DELIVERY – From our kitchen to your table

Too busy or too tired to cook? We deliver  a variety of Korean side dishes, soups and Kimchi… Just warm it up or serve as chill. Healthy and nutritious choice for your family.



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